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If you can find an Expert with more REAL Experience, I will pay his Fee.
Experience learned on the STREET Not in a Classroom .
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I Know what it's like to have killed someone, then told by so called "EXPERTS" who have never been involved in a Deadly Force incident, how they in a similar situation would have done it without the necessity to use force.
Place me next to another expert in the field and he ceases to be an expert.
If your Department will not pay my Fee, I will Represent you for Expenses Only (Transportation and Lodging)

Updated 09/03/11  

Robert Yamin's Biographical Data
Retired Baltimore Police Officer
O I C - Officer in Charge of Elite Special Operations P/C Unit for 1/3 of Baltimore City
Involved in Four Shootings
Shot Six (6) Persons
All Clean "Textbook"
Assault, Escape, Hostage, Road Rage
Some in Uniform, Some in Plainclothes
Eight use of Force "Nightstick"

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